In this challenging time of drought and with a changing climate only going to make farming harder, South Australian growers need access to every available safe and effective technology that can assist them to farm in a more environmentally sustainable way, under evermore demanding circumstances.


Multiple reports have provided clear evidence that the South Australian GM crop moratorium has not delivered any benefit to the state’s farming sector. In fact, South Australian farmers have been denied the chance to increase profitability and environmental sustainability by not having access to GM crops. It is estimated to have cost the state’s canola industry $33 million since 2004.

South Australians can be assured that lifting the GM moratorium will not impact current agricultural commodity price premiums, nor will it impact any other farmers who choose to continue with conventional or organic crops. Farmers will now have access to whichever approved crop suits their land and business model – no farmer loses out.

The removal of the moratorium does not alter the strict licencing and accreditation rules surrounding the use of GM crops. This stringent system is in place right across the supply chain, from seed storage and seed sellers, to agronomists and farmers. It is on top of Australia’s world-class safety regulatory system for all GM crops.

Across Australia and the world, farmers have been growing GM and non-GM crops side-by-side successfully and productively for many years without creating marketing issues with segregation managed by the bulk grain handlers.